Outline / CEO’s Foreword

SKELA is a brand properly introduced and reflected by facts. There were the facts that further inspired the values based on which we have built this business: innovation, expertise, quality and, of course, credibility.

What needs to be said is that, along the way, in everything we have accomplished, in everything we have proposed to achieve, we have searched for, maybe instinctively at first, but afterward, on purpose and in a cultivated manner, a unique and powerful idea: INTEGRATION. In terms of relations, solutions, results, company path, and, obviously, current and future projects.
This is how we understand to bring together, to balance the array of values labelled with flexibility, adaptability, “customizing”, with another one dominated by the firm and indisputable professional credo, the force and stability of solutions proposed.

Long story short, our thoughts permanently draw upon the continuous thrive of becoming the main supplier of the domestic market and an important player in the European market respectively, a supplier of integrated solutions for steel constructions and structures.

We started well-directed; we continue well – inspired.

Laurenţiu Stan,


Our story


To be the preferred supplier for the domestic market and an important player on the European market.

To offer integrated solutions for metallic constructions and structures.


We build long lasting relations and provide operational safe objectives for our customers in areas such as: industrial, civil, agricultural constructions and photovoltaic parks.

We achieve this through the technical expertise, engagement and passion of our specialists and through the implementation of new technologies in design, production, installation.



We promote mutual respect in the relations with our customers, partners, end beneficiaries and employees.

The skill to combine determination, professionalism with flexibility in the relations with our customers.

Opening towards novelty, learning, development and constant improvement.

Our story
SKELA. Company Highlights.
SKELA kicked off in 1995 bearing the name ALL ELECTRICS'95, at the time being a service provider: installation works, wirings, and finishing. The results came immediately after its incorporation: ALL ELECTRICS'95 contracted with Shell Romania the installation works for business light signs, sun-blinds and buildings fuel distribution stations. Later, in 1996, the company ALL ELECTRICS'95 steals the limelight by installing the first building using steel structure imported from the Netherlands. The year 2001 marked out the opening of our own steel structures factory. That moment meant a landmark, the decision-making juncture: let’s focus on the quality and efficiency of designing and manufacturing of steel structures. 2004, the year of creating a new business line: the general enterprise for steel structured constructions, concrete-based or mixed. The year 2006 brought along the foundation of the consortium  ALL ELECTRICS GROUP, companies providing integrated solutions in the field of steel structures and general enterprise. The year 2010 meant the launching of a new business line: pre-designed modular constructions, standard dimensions. Also in 2010, aware that we find ourselves in an extremely important point in time and driven by the will of supporting the producers of renewable energy, we were the first company in Romania to develop a new product specifically designed for them: photovoltaic modules mounting systems. 2014 is the year of remodelling our business, starting from a new structure, a new vision, a new set of values. It is the configuration year for the new corporate brand: SKELA. Integrated Steel Constructures.