Mounting systems for photovoltaic modules

This is one of SKELA business lines most dear to us, maybe because, on one hand, this is the youngest of all, the “little sister” of all divisions (born in 2010 when we manufactured and installed the support structures for the modules of the first photovoltaic park from Romania at Singureni, Giurgiu), maybe because, on the other hand, it brings forward one of our beliefs in life and business: preservation of resources.From this point of view, we are proud to be the only company from Romania totally endorsing the concept of integrating steel structures supporting solar modules into big and very big complex projects, regardless the area, type and positioning of modules. 
Mounting systems for
photovoltaic modules
What is it all about in fact?We provide complete solutions for photovoltaic modules support, respectively: design, manufacture of mounting systems (according to client’s specifications, using light steel sections), foundation systems (adjusted to the soil particulars, location, climatological conditions, respectively the type of module), and last but not the least, installation. Advantages provided by our mounting systems:
  • Highly qualitative systems manufactured in our factory
  • Efficient and competitive solutions
  • 20 years guarantee
  • Full engineering services
  • High production capacity
  • Made to meet all European construction standards
  • Fast and safe installation