Heavy steel structures

No matter how “weighty” might sound like, the idea of “steel structure” practically makes us aware of the fact we might be facing the most elastic, safe and fast solution in supporting industrial plants. HEAVY LINE is ultimately the guarantee of stability, solidity, validation and, last but not the least, the validity of any potential steel construction. Hence, we are talking about strength, power, energy, and, why not, endurance, support, trust.
Heavy steel
What is it all about in fact? About steel structures welded in our factory. It’s all about the technological equipment which exponentially booms the production speed, optimizes the production and delivery deadlines and ultimately sets the worldwide qualitative standards for the production outcome. It’s all about the state-of-the-art software which, once more, guarantees the absolute control of the welds made, using ultrasound formulas, penetrating liquids and magnetic powders made in our own labs. It’s all about the 3D modelling used for integration with the industry-specific technologies. Therefore, the precision of manufacturing and the exclusively bolted installation allow for the execution of the most complex objectives, regardless the height, location or purpose.