More than adaptability: interrelation. More than flexibility: support.

More than “tailoring” according to your needs, we can even talk about “tailoring” to match your thought.Design, installation, maintenance – nothing but ways to put at work the values we believe in: involvement, commitment and concurrence with the interests and objectives of your business.Tailor Line is practically the transposition in facts of each detail from their assemblage and structuring. In actual fact: TAILOR LINE means to put a vision in practice. The vision gets shaped, and the shape gets substantiated. Practical validation, engineering and architectural concept well-articulated aesthetically, functionally and technically.The strength of our specific business profile is the integrated engineering services, and the benefits come: from aesthetic & functional integration to cost optimisation, quality and obviously, the speed in execution. What is it all about in fact?  

They refer to the architectural integration of the business objectives into the related urban and industrial setting. This stage includes the following steps:
  • crystallize and complete the project theme
  • project draft (preliminary project – feasibility study)
  • creating the technical project
  • documentation for obtaining the building permits and licenses
The purpose is to come up with an engineering solution in conformity with the latest standards of execution and construction, while decreasing the unitary consumption of materials. The engineering activity is done using state-of-the-art modelling and 3D detailing software, thus obtaining up to 30% optimization of material consumption compared to a standard calculation.In addition, we can do the works using your own project. Of course, analysed and endorsed by our specialists. The project is subject to a careful assessment, with the ultimate goal of making sure that no syncope is to pop up throughout the site installation process. Therefore, starting from our strong points, 3D modelling and the high level of processing, we are capable of taking full responsibility in preventing any execution delays all the way through.

The road from engineering to facts measures in expertise, speed, as well as in optimised solutions. It’s delivery and installation time. In this regard, the excellence we manage to imprint to the qualitative level of our works has greatly to do with the detailed planning, monitoring and control, but also the best coordination of our teams. In other words, we are always available to provide fast and efficiently, wherever in our country or in Europe, installation works for any type of project, any type of structure and any type of closure, using the most modern materials. In addition, we have always targeted “transparency” as one of the basic ingredients of our relations with the clients, by providing them with periodic reports on project’s status progress.

Life line
An essential point in industry is the employees’ safety through implementing the “Life line” system, an absolutely necessary formula protecting the life of those who work at height, since there is need of mobility and safety in the hardly accessible areas, posing high risk of falling. The system is versatile and extremely effective, thus providing maximum safety in any type of application.

This is a definitive condition for the quality of our design systems, but particularly for the mounting systems. This way, no matter the type of work, our teams are highly qualified to deliver prompt and safe interventions, with low construction time and maximum quality. Maintenance works range from fairly simple to very complex, largely concerning the checking of screws tightening, checking and touching up the anti-corrosive protection, checking the sealing, respectively checking the pluvial system (gutters and pipes).