Bridge steel fabricator, Romania

Skela Industries is one of the most important steel bridge fabricators in Romania. In our production facility, located in an industrial area of Bucharest, Romania, we can handle steel bridge fabrication, according to European Norms and Standards.

Steel bridge fabrication; steel box girders - Skela Industries, Romania

We can also produce any type of elements and parts for bridges involving structural steel fabrication and welding:

  • bridge steel beams;
  • warren truss bridge steel parts;
  • structural steel parts for pre-engineered bridges;
  • elements for welded steel plate girder bridge;
  • any type of structural steel bridges;
  • pedestrian walkway bridges;

Steel bridge fabrication; steel box girders - Skela Industries, Romania

By length (opening), bridges can be classified into:

  • footbridge (under 5 m);
  • small bridges (5-20 m);
  • medium bridges (20-50 m);
  • large bridges (50-100 m);
  • very large bridges (over 100 m).

For large and very large bridges, the solution with metal deck or mixed deck (structural steel + reinforced concrete) is often adopted.

Structural steel bridge apron fabrication

Because the advantages of structural steel, steel bridge aprons (or mixed concrete and structural steel bridge aprons) are often use in steel girder bridge construction, for railway, motorway or pedestrian walkway bridges.

Steel bridge fabrication; steel box girders - Skela Industries, Romania

Large span infrastructure bridges often require long welded plate girders or steel trusses, ready to be assembled on site. In our 6000 sqm structural steel fabrication facility, on CNC machines and using semiautomatic welding systems, with our highly skilled personnel, we can produce, transport and install steel parts and elements for bridges, up to 30 tons each.

Steel pedestrian walkway bridges

Steel truss walkway bridges are a common solution for overpassing large spans (over wide roads / streets, railway depots etc.), without or with less pillars. Be those walkway bridges made by either painted, galvanized or (self) weathering steel, Skela Industries can handle the production, transport and assembly of any type of steel walkway bridge or any beams / girders for steel walway bridges.

Large span steel truss pedestrian walkway installation - Skela Industries, Romania

Regardless of the type of metal structure required for a road or railway infrastructure bridge, a viaduct, aqueduct or metal bridge for pipes, Skela Industries - Romania can produce, transport and install the necessary metal structure.

Skela Industries (Bucharest, Romania) is your experienced and reliable partner in the design, re-design, machining, transport and installation of metal structures, bridges and walkways, industrial halls, heavy metal constructions, any type of metal halls, totems and advertising unipoles., agricultural halls, large metal domes and awnings, support structures for photovoltaic panels, hangars on steel structure, steel pole barns, metal structures for greenhouses, gas stations, etc.

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